President’s Comments February 2024

What are we doing?

Our Board

The Board continues to change with new faces and a continuing determination to support each board role with dedicated assistance and, where appropriate, volunteer teams.

  • Stuart Law, one of our avid hike leaders, is our new Hike Director.  He will share a portion of his duties with Margery Cruise, a non-board volunteer.
  • Lorraine Campbell is coordinating our Blog Post/Newsletter process working with the communications team of Leigh Geraghty, Maria Burton, Liz Jansen, and Bryan Foley.
  • Don Stewart, a longtime member of the trail maintenance team, has joined the board as a director at large. This position allows new board members to learn about club activities before committing to a specific role. Jill Johnson, now assisting with Landowner Relations/ Land Securement, and Martina Rowley, our Biodiversity Chairperson, both initially joined as directors at large.

A listing of the current board members and their roles is available on the Dufferin Hi-Land Website.

Mark Your Calendars

Our Volunteer Co-coordinators, Marianne Dzuba and Helen Bailey, have identified and scheduled the annual club events. They are in the process of assigning managers to each event. If you are interested in assisting in any way with these events, please contact Marianne Dzuba. The event schedule can be found on the website.

Strengthening Biodiversity

The Biodiversity Committee held its first meeting this month and is identifying priorities with the assistance of two of the BTC ecology team. This team promises to be exciting!
Should you wish to get involved please contact Martina Rowley (Biodiversity Committee Chairperson) or Marianne Dzuba (Volunteer Coordinator).

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