Visit Our Beautiful Tree Trail

The Dufferin Bruce Trail section has some of the most wonderful trees available not only in Ontario, but in Canada. As such, we have created a Tree Trail for you to visit and learn about the trees we have on our very own Splitrock Property.

Here are 9 reasons why we love trees!

Trees breathe life into our planet. Without them, we would all die.

Trees regulate the climate and can reduce flooding.

Think of what is made from wood and imagine your life/work without them.

They are the tallest, largest, and oldest living things on earth.

Trees are home to millions of creatures and other plants that could not exist without them!

Trees clean polluted air.

They convert sunlight into energy.

Trees create the soil that our food grows in.

There are many more reasons to love trees!

Here is a map of our Splitrock property.  Please come visit each of the marked spots to learn more about each tree.

Dufferin Bruce Trail Club Tree Trail