Current Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers Needed!

Welcome to Spring!

We are looking for volunteers for the following Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club events:

    • The Life Outdoors Show (Clifford, ON –  May 4/5)The BTC is looking for 4 volunteers from Dufferin Hi-Land to help cover shifts over the two day period, working alongside members of BTC staff.  There is travel cost reimbursement. For more information: The Life Outdoors Show
      To sign up, please click on the following  link and follow the instructions at:
    • Hike organizers for our Summer Solstice Event
      Volunteers to assist with organization of several special hikes (now until June 15), 5 volunteers

    • The 2day End to End (May 11/12), Dufferin Hi-Land Section of the Bruce Trail
      We are still looking for volunteers!We are looking for volunteers to manage checkpoints for the hikers, and sweeps to hike the trail and ensure all hikers are safe.

      There will be 4 people at each checkpoint: 1 volunteer will be responsible for checking in each hiker as they arrive at the checkpoint; a second volunteer will look after water/fluid supply for the hiker, and the other 2 volunteers will look after the food and also the well being of the hikers (first aid – blister bandages, etc). There is a hike coordinator to help organize and assist the volunteers.If you have specific questions please email for information.

      To sign up, please click on the following  link and follow the instructions at: you for volunteering!

Please contact if you are interested in these volunteer opportunities.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.
Marianne and Helen Volunteer Coordinators