Trail Angels

Trail Angels are volunteers who provide transportation to solo or small groups of hikers – helping with a car shuttle or providing short distance pick-ups or drop-offs at Trail access points. Typically this is for those who would like to cover longer distances but only have one car available.

With the assistance of a Trail Angel, hikers can leave one of those vehicles at home, thereby saving some money and also reducing their carbon footprint.  Hikers may also wish to start their hike at a location where there is no parking available, so a Trail Angel would enable them to do this.

The Trail Angel service might also be used by a through-hiker who is backpacking the whole trail, or a major portion of it, and needs a ride into town for groceries or to do laundry.

Bruce Trail Clubs with volunteer Trail Angel services:

Niagara Bruce Trail Club

Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club

Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club

Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club