Scavenger Hike

Join our scavenger hike today and compete against your friends and others to see who can collect the most hiking creatures!

The Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club Scavenger Hike is an interactive, all age, self-guided expedition into our wonderful trail system that allows families, friends, and individuals to collect creatures by finding items that are located within our trail system.  The more you find, the higher you rank and the bigger your tribe of amazing creatures will grow.

The rules are simple:

  1. Register on the website for the Scavenger Hike
  2. Download the list of items you need to collect/photograph
  3. Take a photograph of an item, making sure your location services are activated on your device.
  4. Upload the picture to the system and see what creature you collect

The reason we ask for location services to be activated, is to ensure that your photos are being taken on the Bruce Trail.  We will be verifying the GPS coordinates, so please stay on the trail.

It appears that you are not currently registered on our as system, or have not logged in to our system.

Please register by clicking the button below.  This will register you on our system as well as register you for the Scavenger Hike

If you have already registered, please login by clicking the button below.