Side Trails Badge

Side-Trails-BadgeThe Side Trail Badge is awarded to those hikers who complete all of the blue-blazed Side Trails of the Dufferin Hi-Land section, either by participating in an organized series of Side Trail hikes (see General Hike listings for currently available series, beginning in April 2018) or by arranging one’s own hikes and submitting a log to document completion of all Side Trails. The cost of the badge is $10.00 per badge for members and $15.00 per badge for non-members, payable in cash to the hike leader, if participating in an organized hike, or by cheque payable to Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club, if submitting a log of your own hikes. Please send your log, email address, and your Bruce Trail membership number, if you have one, to: 

Badge Requests
Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club
P.O. Box 698
Alliston, ON
L9R 1V9 .

Side Trails that must be hiked to qualify for the Side Trail Badge are:

  • Laidlaw
  • Walter Tovell
  • Carriage
  • South Outlier Loop/South Outlier Connector
  • McCarston Lake
  • Lookout
  • 2nd Line EHS
  • Split Rock
  • Narrows Side Trail
  • Ralph Tremills
  • Prince of Wales
  • Primrose Loop
  • Murphy’s Pinnacle
  • Boyne Valley
  • Mulmur Lookout
  • Boyne Creek
  • Oliver Creek
  • 2nd Line ECL
  • Moss Haven
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Rock Hill Park
  • David Hahn
  • Bell Lookout
  • Kilgorie
  • Melodonna

Suggested loop hikes to complete all Dufferin Hi-Land Side Trails:

Hike 1 (Map 19; Distance: 8.5 km): Park at Mono Community Centre in the village of Mono Centre on Mono Centre Road. Follow Laidlaw Side Trail west from the parking lot, then north to the Bruce Main Trail (km 1.7). Continue north past the viewing platform. Where the Main Trail veers left through a narrow fence opening, keep right onto the Clifftop Trail, then turn right onto the Walter Tovell Side Trail. Continue south to Laidlaw Side Trail back to Mono Community Centre parking.

Hike 2 (Map 19; Distance: 11.5 km): Park at Mono Cliffs Provincial Park lot (pass/fee required) on 3rd Line north of Mono Centre Rd (Dufferin Rd 8). Follow Carriage Side Trail to South Outlier Connector to South Outlier Loop. Complete the loop and return via South Outlier Connector to Carriage Side Trail. Continue west on Carriage Side Trail to Bruce Main Trail (km 3.1), continuing west, then north to McCarston Lake Side Trail (km 3.6). Rejoin the Bruce Main Trail (km 6.6) and continue north, looping back to km 3.1. Return to parking via Carriage Side Trail. Note: This hike can be shortened to 8.6 km by returning from west end of McCarston Lake Side Trail (km 6.6) via McCarston Lake Side Trail.

Hike 3: (Map 19; Distance: 10 km): Park at Split Rock Narrows parking lot on 2nd Line EHS, 1.5 km north of 25 Sideroad (north of Mono Cliffs Provincial Park). Follow Splitrock Side Trail east and south to second intersection with Ralph Tremills Side Trail. Follow Ralph Tremills east then return via Splitrock Side Trail west to 2ndLine. Follow 2nd Line EHS Side Trail south to 25 Sideroad, cross the stile and continue south on Walter Tovell Side Trail to Clifftop Trail. Keep right on Clifftop Trail to Bruce Main Trail. Follow Main Trail west and north to Lookout Side Trail (km 5.1). Take Lookout Trail north and east to Walter Tovell and return north on Walter Tovell and 2nd Line EHS Side Trail to parking lot.

Hike 4: (Map 20; Distance: 12 km): Park at roadside parking on north side of bridge over Boyne River on Prince of Wales Rd (Dufferin Rd 19) 1.2 km north of Hwy 89. Follow Prince of Wales Side Trail north to Primrose Loop Side Trail. Take the left fork and follow Primrose Loop to intersection with Bruce Main Trail at km 17.8. Take Main Trail north, including a side trip up the Murphy’s Pinnacle Side Trail, then east to Boyne Valley Side Trail (km 19.9). Follow Boyne Valley east to 1st Line, south then west to Bruce Main Trail at km 16.3. Follow Main Trail north to km 17.8, then Primrose Loop, taking left fork where the loop begins, returning to parking via Prince of Wales Side Trail.

Hike 5: (Map 20; Distance: 9 km): Park at north end of 2nd Line E (Access 2nd Line via 1st Line E north from Hwy 89 to 8 Sideroad). Follow 2nd Line ECL Side Trail to Oliver Creek Side Trail. Turn right on Oliver Creek and continue east to Bruce Main Trail at km 25.5. Follow Main Trail south to Mulmur Lookout Side Trail (approx. km 22.0). Take side trips on the Boyne Creek and Mulmur Lookout Side Trails along the way. Return to parking by the same route or, for a shorter hike, stay on 2nd Line E when the Main Trail leaves the road just north of km 23.9.

Hike 6: (Map 20; Distance: 9 km): Park in Rock Hill parking lot (km 29.4) on 1st Line E just south of Dufferin Rd 17/10 Sideroad. Follow Bruce Main Trail east to Enchanted Forest Side Trail. Turn right onto Main Trail at end of Enchanted Forest and continue a short distance to Moss Haven Side Trail. At top of Moss Haven continue west on Main Trail back through parking lot, north on 1st Line E, then west to Rock Hill Park Side Trail. Where Rock Hill Park rejoins the Main Trail turn south and return to parking lot, taking the David Hahn Side Trail loop along the way.

Hike 7: (Map 20; Distance: 7 km): Park at roadside parking on Centre Rd (km 34.9), just north of River Rd in Kilgorie. Follow Bruce Main Trail to km 36.7. Hike in and out of the Bell Lookout Side Trail then continue on Main Trail to km 37.8. Continue on Main Trail north on Prince of Wales Rd. About 0.4 km after the Main Trail leaves the road to the west, turn right onto the Melodonna Side Trail. When this trail rejoins the Main Trail, turn right and follow the Main Trail back to Prince of Wales Road. Turn right and walk south on the road to km 37.8. Turn left and follow Kilgorie Side Trail to km 35.2. Turn left on River Road and follow the Main Trail back to Centre Road to complete your hike. This hike can also be split into 2 shorter hikes by following directly onto Kilgorie Side Trail from km 37.8 for the first hike, then parking at km 37.8 (Prince of Wales Rd, just north of 15 Sideroad) to complete the Melodonna Side Trail by way of Prince of Wales Rd.

(Km references are to Edition 29 of the Bruce Trail Reference: Maps and Trail Guide)

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