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Yes?  Here is your chance to complete the Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club’s Children’s Treasure Hike.  Simply print out the Treasure Map, head off to Splitrock Narrows (directions below), and find all the plaques that are located on the map.  Be sure to write a description of each plaque down and then come back to this page to fill in the form.  If you find all 10 plaques/treasures, we will send you a free “Take a Hike” button so everyone knows that you are one of the best treasure hikers around.

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Splitrock Narrows Nature Reserve

Hike Length: 2.6 km

Hike Description:

The Splitrock Narrows Nature Reserve was secured by the Bruce Trail Conservancy thanks to our generous donors in 2012.

This hike boasts rocky outliers, steep cliffs, long views, a glacial spillway, and an impressive crevice system for which Splitrock Narrows is named.  

From the parking lot, follow the blue-blazed Splitrock Side Trail.  The Trail starts along a farm pasture and slopes into a cool, moss covered crevice system (signed the Narrows Side Trail – a 105 m dead-end side trail following the floor of the Splitrock Narrows crevice. This feature was created by an effect known as cambering; a process that widens cracks into crevices through freeze-thaw action). 420 million year old crinoid fossils can also be found along the walls of the crevice.

After exploring this dead-end side trail, continue on the Splitrock Narrow Side trail for sweeping fall colour valley views and a delightful passage through a beautiful example of prime Niagara Escarpment forest.  When you reach the 2nd Line you can walk back to your car along the road, or loop back to the Narrows via the Ralph Tremills Side Trail and retrace your steps back to your car on the Splitrock Side Trail.

How to get there:

Splitrock Narrows Nature Reserve is

  • 21 km north of Orangeville, east of Hwy 10
  • Near Mono Cliffs Provincial Park
  • 1 km north of the 25th Sideroad, Mono, on the 2nd Line EHS.

Parking for Splitrock Narrows Nature Reserve is at N – 80.0838°, W 44.0750°

From Highway 10, proceed north past Orangeville to the 25th Sideroad and turn right. Proceed to the 2nd Line EHS and turn left. The parking lot is approximately 1 km north of 25th Sideroad on 2nd Line.

From Airport Road, proceed north past the Hockley Valley to the 25th Sideroad and turn left. Proceed to the 2nd Line EHS and turn right. The parking lot is approximately 1 km north of 25th Sideroad on 2nd Line.

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