New! National Hiker Award

Stepping into Nature… Are You up to the Challenge?

This program is about uniting hikers across Canada from the Yukon to Newfoundland and Labrador. It is also an education program about hiking trails and hikers in Canada. 

There are four challenges to complete for the National Hiker Award badge and Certificate. 

The requirement is to participate in one trail maintenance work party. Contact your local trail association and explain you are working towards your National Hiker Award badge and need to participate in a work party. It is a fun and rewarding exercise.

Another requirement is to help with two hiking events. This could be serving hot chocolate at an hiking open house, setting up chairs, answering questions about hiking, or assisting with parking cars. Local parks hold promotional hiking events.

The final requirement is to hike 50km. This is a cumulative distance that could consist of several hikes to make up the 50km.

Legacy Hikes

Can I count a hike I did last week or five years back. Yes you can. The objective of the program is to show you have hiking trail experience. Please provide the name of the hike leaders, the log of your hikes, date and location, plus the names of the trails you hiked on.

The same is also true for any trail maintenance you have done and hiking events you have attended. Just give the details of each activity. However you will still need to complete the Quiz.


The National Hiking Trail is a heritage trail that has been around for 52 years and is made up of many wilderness hiking trails across Canada. We also have feeder trails that link into the main trail, and prestigious trails that meet the criteria of wilderness hiking, but are remote from the main trail.

Hike Canada en Marche is a national organisation promoting hiking interests and the National Hiking Trail. To further promote these interests, the National Hiker Award has been created with a number of goals and exams for each level and was launched in November 2023.

There are three award sections, two for youth 8 – 12 and 13 – 17, which will be shorter and less demanding than the one for adults of 18 plus..

There are a number of steps for each level, with greater challenges as you work up to the Advanced Level for Elite Hikers, then Distinguished Level for Super Elite hikers. 

These will include some physical hiking challenges, documented trail maintenance and online multi choice exam questions testing your knowledge of long distance hiking trails in Canada, historic trails, values, safety, first aid, weather, natural history and Indigenous trail connections.

Each award level will add to the depth and range of questions as well as requiring more physical challenges as you advance to the Advanced and Distinguished levels. 

Although challenging, this program should be a fun and an enjoyable experience. So if you feel up to the Challenge, click on this link to register for the National Hiker Award, or go to


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