The Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club needs and welcomes you as a volunteer for a variety of activities. Getting involved is usually very personally satisfying. You get out of doors, you meet and work with other people, and you contribute to the maintenance of a Trail that can be enjoyed by thousands of people in a season. Some activities to consider are listed below. If one of the following opportunities is of interest to you, please e-mail or call the appropriate Director, or the Volunteer Coordinator – Peter Blackmere – Please Click Here to Contact Our Volunteer Coordinator

Trail Maintenance and Building

The Dufferin Hi-Land Club continues to have not just some of the most beautiful trails in the system, but some of the best maintained. Generally, trail building and maintenance is done when needed during the week. The Dufferin Club is fortunate to have a number of skilled trail workers amongst its membership; however, there are times when we can use additional help maintaining the trail. If you are interested in helping out, Please Click Here to Contact Carl Tafel, Our Trail Director so that you can be notified of any upcoming trail building events.


Norman Wingrove, Carl Tafel, Carl Alexander, James Griffin, Ian Shelton, Marlis Butcher-Jim Preyde, Marlis Butcher, James Griffin

Trail Captains

As in the other eight Clubs, the Dufferin Hi-Land section of the Trail is divided into sections, each of which is under the scrutiny of a Trail Captain. The Trail Captains inspect their sections three times per year and fill out a report on what needs to be done. If a Trail Captain position becomes available and you are interested in becoming a Trail Captain, Please Click Here to Contact Carl Tafel, Our Trail Director

Hike Leaders

The Club always needs hike leaders and ideas for special hikes. The most important requirement here is the interest to be on the Trail and to help others to enjoy hiking. The fundamentals of leading an enjoyable and safe hike are provided. If you have any questions, or would like to become a hike leader, Please Click Here to Contact Our Hike Director

Special Events

Volunteers are required for special events such as helping at an End to End checkpoint or snack table, assisting at Bruce Trail Day, or helping to organizing social and fundraising events.

Please contact Rob to volunteer your time, your skills, your support – Click Here to Contact Rob , Special Events & Special Hikes Coordinator

Land Securement

Did you know that only 51% of the Bruce Trail is considered secure and safe from development?  And perhaps even fewer of us realize that the Bruce Trail Conservancy is the only charitable organization working to preserve public access to the Niagara Escarpment while restoring its natural habitat. In order to conserve the Escarpment, the Conservancy acquires land in two ways: through purchase with funds raised by donations and fundraising efforts or by a landowner donation.
We always appreciate being informed of properties that come up for sale along the Optimum Route. If you frequently travel the roads near and along the Dufferin Hi-Land section of the Trail, you could be a “securement spotter” and help us to preserve this natural treasure!
Carl Alexander – Click Here to Contact Carl

Tree Planting

The Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club is involved in tree planting events and welcomes anyone who would like to volunteer or contribute to any of these events.  For more information, please contact our Land Stewardship Director. Click Here to Contact Our Land Stewardship Director