e-Transfer Instructions for Club Badges



e-Tranfers are now available for the purchase of club badges. Please follow the instructions below in order to use this new service.

  1. Access your online bank account and select Interac e-Transfers
  2. Go to “Recipient List” and click “Add a Recipient”
  3. Recipient name: Dufferin Hi-Land BTC
  4. Recipient email address: DHCbadges@gmail.com
  5. Select “Send Money”
  6. Select Dufferin Hi-Land BTC from the Recipient menu
  7. Enter the amount to transfer – $10 per badge for Members, $15 per badge for Non-Members
  8. Select your account to debit
  9. In the “Add Message” or “Notes” area: type the number of badges that you want (e.g. 2 E to E Pink Rose badges or Side Trail badges).
  10. Confirm transfer
  11. Once the e-transfer has been completed, send an email to DHCbadges@gmail.com attaching your log of the hikes, and include your full name and postal address.
  12. Most banks will send you an email confirming that the transfer has been sent and another email confirming when the funds were received and deposited by us (allow 5 days for us to deposit as we do not check email every day)
  13. We will mail your badges to you. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.