Hike Schedule V2

2018 Weekend Hike Schedule

Thanks for checking out our Weekend Hike Schedule.  All km trail references are to Edition 29 of the Bruce Trail Maps and Trail Guide.

Hike Rating Criteria:Winter Hike Schedule

Leisurely – 3 km/hr or less
Medium – 3 to 4 km/hr
Brisk – 4 to 5 km/hr
Fast – 5+ km/hr

Easy – Mostly flat and usually good footing
Moderate – Some hills and/or some poor footing
Strenuous – Hilly with steep climbs and some poor footing

Speyside Loops – Pre-register with hike leader

Date: September 8, 2018, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Location (Google Maps):

Toronto Section, Map 12, Speyside. Meet at the end of 17 Sideroad of Halton Rd 25, north-east of Speyside. From Halton Rd 25, north-east of Speyside, turn north-west (right) onto 17 Sideroad. Park at the end of the road.

Pace: Medium  Terrain: Moderate
Distance: 7 kms

This series of 3 loops is a combination of relaxing footpaths and challenging rocky trails and is best hiked in early spring or fall (mosquitoes can be really bad in late spring/summer).  We’ll hike a combination of main and side trails. Please wear hiking boots. Hike Leader: Karen Bergmann [email protected]289-242-1110