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Here are some pictures from the Dufferin Hi-Lands Tuesday Hikers Black Bank hike on February 14/17.  From Brian Cornfield

February 14, 2017 1

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Here are a few pictures from Ken Mullins who was visiting from Trenton.

2013 11 23 013

Saturday Nov 23, my partner & I hiked the upper half of Dufferin Highlands.  If you remember it was cool & windy day with snow squalls passing through the area.  Honestly I didn’t thing we were going to get far when we started out with the west wind and snow hitting us as we hiked along 10th Sideroad & up Centre Rd.  As we followed the trail the snow stopped for a while & we were treated to scenes of fresh snow in the woods which were particularly pretty along the Pine River.  Later in the day as the sun was low & the clouds cleared we were again treated to fantastic views of Black Bank Creek with sun shining through the trees and onto the fresh snow.  Also the bridge in the valley on the detour of the washed out road allowance 1st line.  I’ve included several of my photos.  I’m sure you will recognize the trail in them.  Ken Mullings, Trenton Ontario
2013 11 23 016 (1) 2013 11 23 031 2013 11 23 012



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